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Today's Colloquium: The Bologna Complete Sample update: results on compact and faint nuclear sources.

Submitter: Elisabetta Liuzzo
Description: To investigate the statistical parsec scale properties of different classes of sources, it is necessary to observe a sample which is free of selection effects. With this aim, we initiated a project observing a complete sample of 94 radio galaxies selected from the B2 Catalogue of Radio Sources and the Third Cambridge Revised Catalogue (3CR), with z < 0.1. We named this sample "the Bologna Complete Sample" (BCS): no selection effect on the core radio power, jet velocity, or source orientation is present. Literature information on the kiloparsec scale radio emission properties are available for all sources. Up to now, we published and discussed VLBA data for 76/94 objects.

In this talk, I will present the last two updates on the BCS project. One concerns the analysis of VLBI observations at 5 and 1.6 GHz for the 33 faint nuclear sources. The second refers to our recent results obtained from high resolution sub-arcsecond VLA observations and optical data for a sub-sample of compact sources, discussed in the framework of FRI progenitors. Our current and future works on the BCS will be also shown.
Copyright: E. Liuzzo
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