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Holland High-Tech: Top Talent for Top Performance

Submitter: Ronald Halfwerk
Description: Dutch companies and knowledge organizations in the national Top Sector HTSM (High Tech Systems and Materials) set themselves apart by their technological excellence, and are world leaders in their market segments. The HTSM ambition is to double the export from 32 billion euros in 2009 to 77 billion in 2020. This is why Holland High-Tech House presented itself at the Hannover Messe this whole week (8-12 April). The Messe is the largest industrial trade fair in the world. The HHTH was present in both Hall 2 with Research & Technology, and Hall 4 with the Dutch supply industry. This is an obvious platform for presenting the entire Dutch high-tech sector, to representatives of major companies and knowledge organizations.

NWO institute ASTRON was part of the Holland High Tech House at the Hannover Messe. The knowledge and expertise gained by research and development in radio astronomy has given ASTRON the capability to design and build extremely sensitive antenna systems, sensor technology, embedded computing, smart software, nano photonics, low noise amplifiers, low-power micro electronics and precision technology. Among other things, ASTRON showed the technology of the International LOFAR Telescope, which is also relevant for the SKA. For instance the watercooled Uniboard, which is currently the ultimate high-performance embedded processing platform that ASTRON has to offer. Another example is a photonic smart-antenna demonstrator.

The picture shows the VIP-meeting at the Holland High Tech House held on Wednesday 10 April. Mr Bertholt Leeftink, Director-General of Industries and Innovation of the Ministry of Economic Affairs is making a statement to Mrs Ineke Dezentje-Hamming (General director of FME). He is outlining the open communication in Dutch industries internally, and their readiness to collaborate with other companies. This gives Dutch industries a tremendous advantage in finding high-tech solutions for the global challenges we are facing.

NWO Director General Hans de Groene (left of the far table) emphasized with his presence that the Advanced Instrumentation Programs of the NWO institutes firmly contribute to the Dutch High Tech Systems and Materials programme.
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