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Visit from the Harm Smeengeschool from Beilen

Submitter: Monique Ankone
Description: On the 1st of March, the elementary school in Beilen, the Harm Smeengeschool, visited Westerbork. Thanks to pupil Douwe Westerdijk, his whole class won a trip to the famous WSRT radiotelescope.

The 5th grader thought of a new name for the experiments along the "Milky Way" path, where visitors can experience the weight of the same object on different planets. After all, an object has an intrinsic mass (expressed in kg), but its weight is a force (expressed in Newtons) that depends on the mass of the planet, and the distance to its center.

The new name "Overbrug de zwaartekracht" ("bridge over gravity") was found with a little help from his father...
Copyright: monique ankone
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