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AstroFest 2013

Submitter: Tom Oosterloo
Description: One of the traditions at Astron/JIVE is the yearly AstroFest. At this fest, we celebrate all the wonderful astronomy being done in Dwingeloo. This year's AstroFest was held in the Drents Archief (State Archives) in the wonderful town of Assen. While at the first AstroFests, some years ago, every Dwingeloo astronomer would give a short presentation, our numbers have grown so much that this is not possible anymore. The selection format for this year's AstroFest was that all attendees prepared a presentation, but the speakers were selected real-time by drawing names from a magic hat. It was interesting to see the split between people being disappointed if their name did not come up and those who were relieved.

As every year, the width and depth of Dwingeloo astronomy presented was impressive and, also helped by the nice setting, the meeting was enjoyed very much by all.

The AstroFest was followed by drinks and nibbles at a local waterhole and, for some, with curries at the local Indian.
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