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The end of Komkommer Time

Submitter: Madroon E.J.
Description: Editor's note: This AJDI was prepared in the expectation that very few pictures would be submitted over the summer. To our surprise and delight, it was not needed (so far). However, since it seems a pity to waste it, we run it as a token of appreciation to those of the extended ASTROJIVE family that have kept it at bay with their efforts. We love you all.

In the summer, when lots of people are away on holiday, and statesmen, bankers, scientists and terrorists are visiting their mothers, the supply of real news is at a low ebb. In desperation, the media fill their mediums with even more "gebabbel" than normally. The Dutch call this period "komkommer(*) time".

Sadly, even the steady tinkle of ASTRON/JIVE Daily Images dries up to somewhat less than a trickle. Only Mike and his loyal Madroon stand shoulder-to-shoulder, submitting the occasional picture of themselves to ward off the void. In response to this intolerable situation, the komkommer will be on display whenever nothing else has been submitted. So there.

Obviously, this should not be necessary. Even in the depth of summer, lots of fascinating things go on in the ASTRON and JIVE family (which is much larger than just Dwingeloo). Think of the aperture arrays being verified. Think of the modules (hard, soft or firm) being seamlessly cobbled together. Think of the glass and aluminum being cunningly shaped to catch rare photons with the largest telescopes between Heaven and Earth. Think of the harmonious system engineering for SKA and Apertif. Think of the coming together of entire continents by means of VLBI. Think of the lovely LOFAR data stream, flowing thickly in a caleidoscope of novelty modes. Think of our scientific entrepreneurs, spending their millions wisely. Think of the nurturing strategies being hatched and burnished in the new management wing. Think of the summer students, being grateful to be at ASTROJIVE.

Submitting an AJDI is just a matter of leaning back for a moment, to reflect on what you are trying to accomplish, and why. If you can figure that out, you will naturally want to share your excitement with others, for instance by means of an insightful image and a few well-chosen words. You will find the entire process unexpectedly rewarding. And you help the rest of us through the summer as well.

(*) Komkommer is the name of a rather tasteless watery vegetable, as shown in the picture. In some cultures it is served in the form of cucumber sandwiches, at the "long, dark Teatime of the Soul". For the benefit of conscientious students of Aunt Henny's Dutch lessons: the past tense of this noun is of course "kwamkwammer".
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