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Changes in the Dwingeloo Landscape

Submitter: Madroon E.J.
Description: Those who have slogged(*) across the lovely heath between the Dwingeloo observatory and the beckoning lights of Hoogeveen will be pleased to learn that the potholed road is being replaced by a smooth concrete bicycle path. Eventually, it will streak across some newly created water features.

For the rest, little has changed(**) in the timeless landscape. The chance of getting rained on is as small as ever.

Ah yes: Nowadays, you are likely to be overtaken by old-age pensioners on electric-assisted bicycles, who regard you triumphantly. Humour them. Your time will come.

(*) It is a strange but very real phenomenon that the eternal wind on the heath is always in the face of the hapless cyclist. It is like being continuously contradicted, a form of purgatory. And in the dark of winter, on the old road, you were guaranteed to hit every single pothole. Especially when dazzled by the oncoming headlights of an inconsiderate driver.

(**) Except for the uprooting of the rows of oaks and birches along the road, presumably to unimpede the view. And of course the removal of the topsoil, to encourage the correct sort of plants. After all, the Dwingeloo heath is a National Park. The scraped-off soil has been artfully arranged along the nearby A28 freeway to Groningen, which now looks prettily alpine.
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