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Early morning Jupiter with Io and Europa

Submitter: Pieter Benthem on behalf of Emil Kraaikamp
Description: Presented here is a Jupiter recording made by amateur astronomer Emil Kraaikamp on the 28th of September with a 16" Dobson telescope. A monochrome camera and color filters were used to create videos that were processed using "lucky-imaging" techniques that extract and combine only the sharpest out of thousands of images. The results are three gray-scale images, one for the red, green, and blue filters. When these are combined, the result shows many details on a colorful Jupiter. The lucky-imaging technique cannot reduce all the blurring caused by turbulent air layers, but the improvement in quality compared to passive long exposures is always apparent.

Two of Jupiter's Moons can also be seen in the image: the icy world "Europa" in the top left, and "Io" just below. The latter appears a bit reddish because of active volcanoes that are spewing out sulfur.

The Jupiter season has only just started. On January 5, 2014 the planet will be in opposition, i.e. it will be closest to Earth and high in the sky at midnight. But at the moment Jupiter can already be seen as a very bright 'star' in the hours before sunrise.

More information can be found here and at AutoStakkert.com.
Copyright: Emil Kraaikamp
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