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MIDPREP kicks off in Mauritius

Submitter: Arnold van Ardenne and Andre van Es
Description: The occasion of the focused URSI-BEJ ession in Mauritius proved an excellent opportunity to meet for the kick-off of the FP7-MC-IRSES program MIDPREP. Coordinated by ASTRON, the 3-year program aims to connect, exchange and educate young and experienced researchers from/to ASTRON and several South African Universities and from/to OSO/Chalmers and the same universities in South Africa.

In the words of John Conway, the recently appointed Director of Onsala Space Observatory, the program cements relations between all MIDPREP participants that are involved in the vigorous activities toward MeerKAT, SKA and other large-scale Radio Astronomy project in South Africa. We know the partner universities very well: the group of Rene Kraan-Korteweg at University of Cape Town, of Oleg Smirnov (former ASTRON) at Rhodes University and the antenna group of David Davidson at Stellenbosch University.

The first picture shows the venue of the meeting, the second a representative moment capturing our own Truus van den Brink as gate-keeper and key organizer, including URSI BEJ (as the picture shows). Thank you, Truus, on behalf of all who could meet in this stimulating environment!

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