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Focus and Concentration in the Clean Room

Submitter: Ramon Navarro
Description: Exciting times at NOVA-ASTRON these days. We are in the final stages of the integration of the Cold Optical Bench for MATISSE, the mid-infrared interferometric spectrograph and imager for ESO's VLT interferometer (VLTI) at Paranal, Chile. Matisse can combine the light from all 4 eight-meter VLT telescopes.

This picture is taken through the compartment for the shutters in the MATISSE Cold Optical Bench, while the light-tight electrical connection panel is being installed.

This picture is illustrative for the working environment in our Clean Room: Intense focus and concentration with a minimum of contamination. Actually, the noisy Clean Room environment and the special clothing, such as dust cap, face guard and gloves, do not only prevent contamination, but also forces one to focus and concentrate on the matter in hand.
Copyright: Ramon Navarro
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