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Bonn-Dwingeloo Neighbourhood Meeting 2013, Bonn

Submitter: Zsolt Paragi and Leonid Gurvits
Description: Old traditions die hard. On 2 December 2013, one of them has been revived. Back in 1998, the directors of the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy andJIVE, Anton Zensus and Richard Schilizzi, agreed to hold regular "neighbourhood" joint science colloquia on VLBI-related topics. The goal of these BoDwin events was to build closer ties between the Bonn and Dwingeloo astronomer groups in thefield of VLBI science. Seven of these meetings were held in the period 1998-2007 in either Bonn or Dwingeloo. For not so clear reasons (but strangely overlapping in time with the global economic crisis of 2007-2009), these meetings stopped for a few years. The great atmosphere of these events and, especially, the ever exciting football matches have been very well remembered by many of us. After some nostalgic thoughts, we have decided to give the BoDwin meetings tradition a second chance of life.

This year a joint team of ASTRON and JIVE VLBI enthusiasts enjoyed the hospitality of the MPIfR staff in Bonn. The closeness of ties between the several institutes based in Bonn and Dwingeloo have been demonstrated by the fact that since the last meeting, some of our staff have actually changed sides! There were 24 excellent presentations (12 from each geographical side), a lovely lunch and dinner. Something was missing though: the football match. Alright, the next time we meet in Dwingeloo, there will be one. Let's stat training!
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