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Pulsars/Westerbork on VPRO's Labyrint

Submitter: Joeri van Leeuwen
Description: On Sunday 8 December the science program of VPRO, Labyrint, broadcast an episode on "Time", featuring pulsar research with Westerbork.

In the 25-minute overview, our understanding of time is discussed, demonstrated, and even illustrated mid-air (as seen in the picture, above) by 5 experts: three (astro)physicists, including ASTRON's Joeri van Leeuwen, highlight the fundamental space-time perspective, while two experimental psychologists explain the human perception of time.

The program is about 80% Dutch-spoken, with some English. It features quite a few nice shots of Westerbork, and some good, new pulsar animations. The show is available online at uitzendinggemist.nl.
Copyright: NTR-VPRO
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