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Low Noise Tile project, first frontend results

Submitter: Roel Witvers, Mark Ruiter, Bert Woestenburg
Description: The Low Noise Tile (LNT) project is an internal research project with the aim of making a phased array tile with a very low noise temperature. The work is a continuation of work which was presented in the AJDI of 6-8-2010. The LNT tile uses an APERTIF tile as basis, but with a completely new designed frontend, suitable for achieving very low noise temperatures. With frontend we mean a whole chain of Low Noise Amplifiers, filters, limiters and buffer amplifiers and more filters to keep the frontend linear, and noise limited by the first stage the Low Noise Amplifier. In this case the first LNA is a Skyworks LNA. This LNA is being advertised as a very low noise amplifier with a noise temperature of 25K, so let's see if its meets its specifications in a real aperture array system.

This daily image shows the potential of the LNT frontend. The noise is compared to a connectorized APERTIF frontend made in 2012.

The graphs show the measured NT and gain of both frontends as measured using an Agilent noise figure meter. The noise temperature improved by 10K from 45K for the Apertif frontend to 35K for the LNT fronted. The latter is designed to have 50dB of gain instead of the 42dB for Apertif.
Copyright: Roel Witvers
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