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Klokhuis 2015

Submitter: Joeri van Leeuwen
Description: In spring 2015, Klokhuis will broadcast 4 episodes on astronomy. These will each consist of a mix of demonstrations, questions & explanations, and bits of drama. During two nights in November, we recorded night-time sessions near the Smitsveen next to ASTRON, and at Westerbork.

The four 10-minute episodes will cover the inner planets, outer planets, Milky Way, and finally the Universe.

Klokhuis is an educational show on national channel 3, that aims to inform kids from 9 to 15 on a wide variety of topics (and is fun to watch for their parents, too). It's on every week day at 18.26, and generally draws ~300,000 viewers.

ASTRON has previously featured on Klokhuis, most recently in 2012.

Part of the 2015 astronomy series will feature presenters Nienke and I flying through space. We first visit most of the planets in the Solar System, then venture out to other Galaxies, and even get close, but not too close!, to a black hole.

For this we recorded in front of a chroma key screen for one long day in Amsterdam Noord (see image above). Turns out it's not so easy to casually deliver your lines, over and over, while trying to keep your 90 kgs "flying" and balanced for hours.

Pretending to be weightless sure hurts.
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