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United we stand: get-together of LOFAR nearby AGN group

Submitter: Jeremy Harwood, Raffaella Morganti
Description: Between the 2nd and 4th February, the LOFAR nearby AGN group held its first face-to-face science meeting to discuss the progress made by its members. The group is part of the LOFAR Surveys Key Science Project and focuses on the physics of nearby active galaxies and the environments in which they reside. We were also joined by members of related groups, such as those working on the LOFAR international baselines and the Blank Fields working group.

Participants presented their latest results and methods for analysis and data reduction, with ample time allowed for feedback and discussion on the best way to proceed with future work. This lead to many fruitful discussions on possible solutions to outstanding problems and the best way to efficiently produce the highest quality science results.

The picture above shows the participants of the meeting (top) and a composite LOFAR and 2MASS image of the the powerful FR-II radio galaxy 3C452 (bottom). Pictured from right to left: Huub Rottgering, Jeremy Harwood (chair), Raffaella Morganti (co-chair), Francesco de Gasperin, Marisa Brienza, Volker Heesen, Therese Cantwell, Judith Croston, Emanuela Orru, Leith Godfrey, Elizabeth Mahony, Javier Moldon, Kristina Nyland, Tim Shimwell, Nicolas Vilchez (not pictured: Leah Morabito, Pepe Sabater, Martin Hardcastle, Aleksandar Shulevski, Magdalena Kunert-Bajraszewska)
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