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Draco Triplet

Submitter: Albert van Duin
Description: This time of the year, when, at this lattitude, dusk changes to dawn within a few minutes, a nice group of galaxies is placed high above our heads in the sky.

This compact group consists of three galaxies: NGC 5981, NGC 5982 and NGC 5985 (right to left in the image), all roughly at the same distance (100 million lightyears) from us.

The group is photogenic because it consists of an edge-on, an elliptical and a face-on galaxy. NGC 5985 is classified as a Seyfert galaxy, so it's an active galaxy, and NGC 5982 (the middle one) shows faint outer shells, proof that galactic mergers may have happened in the past.

The total integration time is 13 hours, on April 17, 19 & 20, 2015 with a 40cm telescope in Beilen. More images can be found at: http://www.astrobin.com/users/Albert_van_Duin/
Copyright: Albert van Duin
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