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Fringe rate and delay mapping of LOBOS long-baseline data

Submitter: Neal Jackson
Description: The LOBOS survey is currently surveying tens of thousands of sources to find good calibrators for the international baselines of LOFAR. Each source is observed for 3 minutes with 3MHz bandwidth, with the aim of creating a network of calibrators with approximate density of 1 per square degree on the sky.

As well as evaluating the suitability of the pointed source, we can use fringe rates and delays, on baselines between the superterp and international stations, to produce a map of the field. The picture shows one such field, where the greyscale shows our map and the crosses show bright WENSS sources. We detect a number of these sources, apart from small offsets in delay.

In this map, each baseline's fringe rate-delay plot produces its own parallelogram on the sky, which are overlaid to produce the final image.
Copyright: Please refer to Neal Jackson, for the LOBOS collaboration.
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