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Casacore 2.0 was released

Submitter: Tammo Jan Dijkema
Description: Despite having 'Common' in its name (CASA stands for Common Radio Astronomy Software), until recently two main versions of Casacore existed: the version underlying NRAO's CASA, and the version underlying LOFAR and other software packages. This split nature made it hard to maintain the software: significant effort was put into incorporating each other's improvements and bugfixes.

In a recent effort by people on 5 continents(*), a new version of Casa was released, which contains the improvements that have been made by both NRAO and Astron. This new version 2.0 will underly NRAO's Casa software (as of version 4.4), as well as Astron's LOFAR software (as of version 2.10).

The release of Casacore paves the way for the release of a new AWImager: LOFAR extensions to the Casa imaging software.

In this release, Casacore was moved from googlecode to github - part of the reason for this is that googlecode is closing down. The new Casacore can be obtained from https://github.com/casacore/casacore . As a part of the move, pyrap has moved to github as well: https://github.com/casacore/python-casacore .

The image shows an overview of the different modules of Casacore. The size of the boxes are an indication of the number of lines of code. The total number of lines of code is about half a million, excluding comments.

(*) Editor's note: The spirit of AIPS++ lives on, fortunately
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