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Final locations of the ASTRON/JIVE library

Submitter: Arno Schoenmakers
Description: Ever since ASTRON initiated the building activities that gave us the new and renovated parts of the current building, our library collection has been wandering through the institute. Separated and divided, at often untraceable or undocumented locations, we surely have seen the worst of how to handle the paper-based knowledge collection of our institute. Now that all the building and renovation activities have ended, we can finally reunite again all bits and pieces that comprise the ASTRON/JIVE library.

On the first floor, above the main entrance to the building we now have the magnificent "reading room", intended to be a place to withdraw oneself from daily concerns, and study or read in a pleasant and undisturbed atmosphere. It houses the latest issues of magazines, a collection of PhD. theses, some reference works, and the latest additions to the library collection.

On the basement floor, our large collection of books can be found. Properly arranged again, and all put together on nice shelves. In the picture, this work is being carried out by some members of the Library Committee, who are busy with re-shelving and ordering the collection of books so these can be easily found again. This turns out to be quite a job, as can be seen in the picture.

Also in the basement, but not visible from the main floor, one can find the "Library Archive", where we keep old volumes of magazines that are not (yet) available online for us. Access to these volumes can be provided by asking the receptionist. And you better be friendly to her to make sure she lets you out again...

The Committee hopes that the library will be more useful now. Please visit the new reading room and the basement library, and have a look around. And if you have, or know of, books that will add value to our library, do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to order them and provide them with a special place among their kin.
Copyright: ASTRON
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