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Leiden (radio) astronomy students field trip

Submitter: Huib van Langevelde
Description: On May 29 a group of Leiden students came to Drenthe to see all the interesting stuff that is happening at our facilities. About half of them were from the 2015 radio astronomy class taught by Garrett and van Langevelde, the other half were from the Kaiser association, undoubtedly aspiring to take the class in the future. The students underwent a programme of bus, Westerbork, bus, LOFAR, bus, Dwingeloo, bus, with great dedication, receiving expert explanation and other treats at all the locations. Indeed, in the end the full radio astronomy experience was accompanied with a Chinese buffet.

Many thanks to Tom Oosterloo, Wilfred Frieswijk, Erwin de Blok, Bob Campbell, Paul Boven, Sander ter Veen, Marco Iacobelli, Wim van Cappellen, Johan Pragt for giving the presentations. And special thanks to Leah Morabito for herding the students through the day and in fact the semester.
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