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ASTRON/JIVE Summer Student Pancake Welcome Party

Submitter: Michael Wise
Description: The ASTRON/JIVE summer student program kicked off this week with the annual Pancake Welcome Party. The summer student program has a great international group again this year with eight students from all over the world including Chile, China, Iran, South Africa, and the US. Despite slightly mercurial weather, the sun came out in time for everyone to enjoy the fine Dutch tradition of eating pancakes for dinner. Initial estimates indicate an average pancake consumption per person of 2.5 with a few pulsar astronomers suspected of increasing the dispersion of the sample.

In typical ASTRON fashion, the summer students had no sooner finished their pancakes before they were immediately put to work helping start a colleague's car. When asked for volunteers to help push, our new crew of summer students immediately and unanimously offered to help. With this kind of team spirit and work ethic, no doubt we can expect to see some great radio astronomy projects this summer.
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