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Dome Seminar on Quality in Electronic Design and Manufacturing

Submitter: Albert-Jan Boonstra
Description: On June 16th and 17th about 20 engineers in electronic design from industry and from ASTRON came together at the Hanze Institute of Technology in Assen to discuss quality in electronic design and manufacturing. In this seminar, organized by the Dome project, designers of highly complex electronic boards and systems shared their experience and discussed the do's and don'ts. The picture above shows the participants present on the first day of the seminar.

Andreas Doering presented his experience with designing the highly compact Dome microserver board; Klaus Flesch shared design considerations based on his 30+ years of experience with several SME companies. Hubert Harrer presented best practices from the IBM Server Group, and Gijs Schoonderbeek discussed his experience with designing the highly complex 18-layer UniBoard2.

The presentations and discussions made clear that several steps can be taken to increase the quality of the designs, these include careful communication, making checklists, and having a clear strategy on component library management. The discussions also concluded that the complexity of new high-end designs is enormous. This does not make it easy to reach high quality, but there are ways to get there, as the current state of the art designs show of course.
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