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MFAA FrontEnD meeting

Submitter: Pieter Benthem
Description: During the last week of June 2015, the MFAA FrontEnD (FED) work package team joined efforts on the beautiful, historical site of de Station de radioastronomie de Nancay, where we enjoyed a very fruitful meeting.

The picture above shows (the majority of) the attendees, in front of the EMBRACE@Nancay array.

During the meeting we discussed several items, covering all aspects of the frontend work by all partners. These developments include antenna and LNA designs, analogue beamforming, receiver, receiver control and power supply for the front-end components.

The main goal of FED task is to design, build and verify a dual polarisation tile which demonstrates that AA technologies are ready for PDR. A tile forms the key building block for the antenna array for mid SKA frequencies. It provides all available FoV of an MFAA station which may be limited further on by processing or the available digital station output bandwidth.
It is not required to build a full size MFAA station to predict its behavior. From EMBRACE it is known that a down scaled array consisting of 9 to 16 tiles can provide the required evidence for the behavior of a full scale array.

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