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The LOFAR Imaging Cookbook v.17 is out!

Submitter: Aleksandar Shulevski
Description: On June 19 2015, version 17.0 of the LOFAR Imaging Cookbook has been released.

The first version of the manual was published more than 4 years ago, when the first LOFAR commissioners met together during the commissioning Busy Weeks to test and validate the new reduction software for processing LOFAR data which was becoming available.

Since 2010, the manual has developed significantly. Its content has become very comprehensive of all the data reduction steps needed to achieve outstanding LOFAR imaging results. The topics cover a range from data inspection to flagging, calibration, imaging, and source extraction. More recently, important chapters have been included on advanced methods to remove the A-team signal from the visibilities, advanced tools to inspect the calibration solutions, the automated self-calibration algorithm, and a description of the new LOFAR CEP 3 cluster.

The LOFAR Imaging Cookbook is edited by Aleksandar Shulevski, who coordinates the large group of experienced LOFAR commissioners in charge of updating the chapters of the manual: G. van Diepen, T. J. Dijkema, G. Heald, F. de Gasperin, M. Iacobelli, J. McKean, M. Mevius, A. Offringa, E. Orru ́, D. Rafferty, C. Tasse, B. van der Tol, V. Vacca, N. Vilchez, R. van Weeren, W. Williams and S. Yatawatta.
Copyright: Aleksandar Shulevski
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