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Running the Mad MeerKAT Dash and the Losberg Loop

Submitter: Rob Millenaar
Description: At ASTRON there is ample opportunity for lunch-time walks and runs in the Dwingelerveld National Park. There is even a "Sterrenwachtloop" (Observatory Run), connecting the Westerbork and Dwingeloo telescopes. On the last edition, your humble servant struggled through this picturesque 24 km run.

Now that I find myself in South Africa the running continues, also at the site of the MeerKAT and (future) SKA1-Mid arrays in the Karoo. The other day I established two routes and lightly ran them to set a target for others to improve upon (which can be easily done). I have named these runs:

  • The Mad MeerKAT Dash (red and yellow). A 19 km jaunt from the Losberg facility to the core of MeerKAT, circling it and then retracing one's steps back to where one started.

  • The Losberg Loop (red and magenta). At just over 12 km in length this is a scenic stroll around the Losberg hill, over tracks that see more aardvarks than humans. Loose soil makes the going tough in places.

    I invite all ASTRON athletes to engineer an opportunity to come over to smash my times(*). Until then, I proudly hold the records.

    (*) But remember the admiring colonial homily: "Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noon-day sun".
  • Copyright: Rob Millenaar
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