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Open Day prize winners visit the DRT

Submitter: Yan Grange
Description: At the recent ASTRON/JIVE/DOME/NOVA Open Day, the compute group presented the visitors with a quiz. If the processing power of a typical tablet computer is represented by one chocolate peanut, how many pieces of candy then represent the total compute power of LOFAR (i.e. COBALT and CEP)? To help them guessing, we showed a vase filled with the correct number of chocolate peanuts.

Of the XXX visitors who submitted an answer, 9 came close to the correct number (875). They were invited for a visit to ASTRON and recieving a one hour tour through the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope, and observing PSRB0329+54.

Eventually, five participants visited the telescope (each bringing a parent). The picture shows the group in the DRT control room, together with the guides.

We would like to thank Ina Doorten, Monique Sluiman, Roy van Werp, Michel Arts and Michael Sanders for helping with organising the tour.
Copyright: R&D department
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