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Bootes field with LOFAR @ 150 MHz

Submitter: Duy Hoang
Description: This is the first sensitive, wide field, LOFAR image at 150 MHz. It contains more than 5000 radio sources in an area about 10 times the size of the full moon. The majority of the resolved sources are galaxies that contain an active massive black hole which is producing powerful jets of relativistic particles. The unresolved sources are mostly galaxies that are forming stars at very high rates.

The data reduction was performed with the Facet Calibration technique by Van Weeren et al. The LOFAR Calibration & Imaging Tiger Team (CITT) is developing this into a more automated pipeline to be used for any field.
Copyright: Image credits: Wendy Williams (Leiden), Reinout van Weeren (Harvard) and Huub Rottgering (Leiden), for the LOFAR survey team.
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