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Our Commissioning team at work in LOFAR station Borowiec (PL610)

Submitter: Ronald Halfwerk
Description: When all antennas are mounted and all electronics is installed, an International LOFAR station is subjected to a well-defined Station Hardware Validation Procedure, as part of the Site Acceptance Test (SAT).

The pictures show the ASTRON commissioning team in action at the newly built Polish LOFAR station Borowiec near Poznan. Henri Meulman, Menno Norden and Klaas Stuurwold verified whether all hardware was operating, including the polarization orientation of the hundreds of dipole antennas of this station.

Only some minor issues where detected. Thanks to the well-equipped team, some coax cables which did not survive piercing by an HBA ground anchor where repaired on-site.

The SAT was witnessed by Prof. Hanna Rothkaehl from the Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences (CBK-PAN), Warshaw. She represented the station owner on behalf of the POLFAR consortium.

So the SAT was passed, to mutual satisfaction. Many thanks to all co-workers from CBK, Trans-Tronic company from Poland (who performed a great job in the roll-out), our roll-out team, and of course the commissioning team!
Copyright: Fotos: M Norden, K Stuurwold
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