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ASTRON/JIVE scientists, looking the part

Submitter: Jan Noordam
Description: Normally it does not matter very much that our scientists do not always resemble the popular image that Hollywood has created for them. After all, modern scientists are not judged by their looks, but rather by their number of publications, or the size of their grants. And visiting royalty and other dignitaries have people to help them avoid embarrassing mistakes, by pointing them towards the right persons.

But things are different when we reach out to the wider public who, as our main sponsors, deserve to be approached in the correct manner. The picture shows two of our bright young things, Harro Verkouter from JIVE and Michiel Brentjens from ASTRON, giving a creditable impersonation(*) of proper scientists at our recent ASTRON/JIVE/DOME/NOVA Open Day. Undoubtedly they will go far, even if they will look quite different by then.

(*) although they could do with a little more facial hair

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