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APERTIF-12 FrontEnds waiting for assembly

Submitter: R.H. van den Brink
Description: After a succesfull hardware rollout (APERTIF-6) of the first 6 APERTIF dishes the rollout continues (APERTIF-12). Two pictures shown are taken at ITEQ Amersfoort in january 2016 during a visit. At that time the first parts for the frontends were ready. The other two pictures show the 6 remaining frontends in the building at Westerbork after delivery in the second part of January.
ITEQ assembled and delivered very fast. The frontends are now waiting for the LNAs to be delivered at the end of March

*APERTIF-6 is the first part of the APERTIF project which is divided into two delivery phases. In the first phase (APERTIF-6) six dishes are implemented with the single polarized version of the APERTIF system. In the second phase (APERTIF-12) another six dished will be implemented with the APERTIF system, and all twelve dishes are upgraded to a dual polarized system.
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