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Get-together of the LOFAR nearby AGN group

Submitter: Raffaella Morganti
Description: The LOFAR working group on Nearby AGN has been active as part of the LOFAR Survey Key Science Project since the starting of the observations in Cycle 0. A number of famous objects - some shown in the picture - have been observed and many results have already been published.

To discuss the status of the data reduction and analysis, how to publish it all and how to move forward with the project, the group had a face-to-face meeting, the second of its kind, this time in Cambridge. This follows on the one of last year at ASTRON (see Daily Image 23-2-2015). Judith Croston organised the logistics and we were hosted in a remarkable english mansion, part of the University of Cambridge.

Part of the workshop was dedicated to discussing the results obtained so far in relation to the physics of nearby active nuclei and their energetics, a key parameter in order to understand the impact on the host galaxy. Participants presented their latest results on the data reduction and the methods used for the analysis, with ample time allowed for feedback and discussion on the best way to proceed with future work. Some presentations were dedicated to theoretical modelling, crucial for the interpretation of the results.

A large fraction of the workshop and of the discussions were dedicated on how to move forward now that the data of the Tier 1 surveys start to become available. The work on single objects, which has been so far the focus of the group, can now be finally expanded to large samples and the group needs to prepare for that. The meeting was a good forum were ideas for projects using these new datasets were presented as well as how to optimize the coordination between groups and the development of tools, e.g. for optical identification of the radio sources.

You can expect a large number of exciting results and Daily Images from this group!
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