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Harvey Butcher visiting ASTRON

Submitter: Gert Kruithof
Description: Harvey Butcher came to visit on 22 February. He was ASTRON's Algemeen Directeur from 1991 to 2007, and thereafter has been living in Australia.

"I had heard the EU keeps giving ASTRON money," he remarked, "and I was keen to see how things have progressed in the interim, particularly in the lab. I must say, I was most impressed! You guys really are head and shoulders above the competition. Keep up the good work!"

Gert Kruithof showed him the latest developments in the lab. Mike Garrett filled him in on the scientific programme, the financial situation, and the changes at NWO that his successor will have to deal with. And Michiel van Haarlem told about trying to get a new international organization set up to carry the SKA forward.
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