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Northern Lights seen from Zuidwolde (Gr, March 6, 2016)

Submitter: Rik ter Horst
Description: Sunday evening, time to go to bed. BLIPP! A message from 'Solaris', an app monitoring the sun and Auroral activity. The KP index was 6, which means that it might be possible to observe the Aurora Borealis from my location (Zuidwolde, Groningen, the Netherlands)!

Despite clouds I tried to look for a glimpse and yes! there was a faint reddish glow visible in the North through the holes in the clouds. I grabbed my camera and made a series of images. About 18 of these images were used to create the animation above. Luckily, the clouds were kind to me and made some room for this beautiful event.
Copyright: Rik er Horst
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