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Collaboration on Big Data for Radio Astronomy (COBRA)

Submitter: Monique Sluiman
Description: The Big Data collaboration between ASTRON and IBM is now getting to a point where not only fundamental research, but also applied research is key to realize the Square Kilometre Array (SKA). The picture shows Gert Kruithof of ASTRON and four participants in the Dome Users Platform after signing a new agreement for Collaboration on Big Data for Radio Astronomy (COBRA).

This collaboration benefits astronomical science, the SKA project, ASTRON and the Big Data industry in the Netherlands.

The amount of data produced by the SKA telescope is huge, and requires new approaches. The four COBRA partners KxA Innovation Solutions, MMPBI, S&T and TriOpSys are all established in the (Northern) Netherlands and have knowledge of handling Big Data. Together with ASTRON they can build a Science Data Centre (SDC) to determine the most efficient data processes with the aim to analyze data much faster and easier. This is a major step towards gaining more knowledge of the universe. It also means an acceleration in the progress of science in the Netherlands in this area.

The signing of the COBRA agreement took place at the scientific Dome event Sensors, Signals and Smart Systems at ASTRON on April 13th. About 60 people attended this event, which also sported a show-case market.
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