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Kids Universe

Submitter: Joeri van Leeuwen
Description: Editor's note: Today is King's Day, the official birthday of our gracious King Willem Alexander. This Daily Image has been specially selected because its subjects are close to the heart of the Royal Couple.

Because astronomy is highly visual and thought-provoking, it is uniquely suited to engage young students, girls and boys alike, in the physical sciences. The Universe is right above us to observe and think about, and our images are some of the most awe-inspiring out there.

In a series of lectures for kids, we try to bring across this excitement. Pictured above is a show in which a few hundred kids were actively engaged -- going clock wise from the top left: warming up with Klokhuis astronaut presenter Maurice Lede; a session where the "Law of Gravity" is temporarily suspended and all kids float in their seats, until after a loud countdown it is reinstated and everyone crashes back to Earth; a hat-on hat-off show with ten questions and a good prize for the winner; and a demo where a polar bear and a penguin argue they are both "up" and the other is "down", where the loudest supporting half of the audience wins. Spoiler -- they're both up :).
Copyright: JvL
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