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Full Dual-Pol Backend for the APERTIF Feed!

Submitter: Boudewijn Hut for the APERTIF team
Description: Great progress in APERTIF: On April 1st, all hardware for both polarisations was installed at three WSRT dishes!

It the first time at ASTRON that a complete dual-pol phased array feed (PAF) is connected to a backend!

We installed the extra beamformer for the second (Y) polarisation in the container of three telescopes (left image). By doing so, all 121 antennas in the PAF frontend (upper right image) are connected to the full dual-pol backend. The bottom right figure shows the measured power over frequency of all antennas.

Until now, all measurements were done with only the X polarisation antennas (signal input number 0 to 63). From now on, both X and Y polarised antennas can be used. This makes it possible to do new kind of measurements (e.g. polarisation properties), required for APERTIF technical commissioning, and APERTIF science.
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