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Engineering Companies Tour

Submitter: Monique Sluiman
Description: On June 22nd, we welcomed a group of 28 children aged 9/10 as our guests at ASTRON. The visit was a pilot for the "engineering companies tour", organised by Kits Primair in Midden Drenthe. The purpose is to introduce 'engineering' to primary school children. In this context, visits are paid to companies where technical processes are visible. In preparation, hand-outs had been developed together with ASTRON, and these were discussed with the children in the weeks prior to their visit.

The presentation by Jason Hessels about astronomy, galaxies and the universe really drew their attention. Numerous fingers went up and Jason answered many questions. After being split up into three groups, the children then enjoyed drawing with a 3D pen (right image), soldering running lights (left image) and inspecting the 25m Dwingeloo radio telescope. They visualized the relative sizes of the Moon and the Earth by means of a skippy ball and a marble.

Both the young visitors and the accompanying teachers and parents left the building in a very positive mood. Hopefully we will see them back, if not as employees, at least at our next Open Day (2017).

Thanks to all the colleagues who have helped to make this visit a success!
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