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The new generation

Submitter: Felix Bettonvil
Description: As in every other institute during the summer holidays, in the corridors, labs and offices it is more quiet and peaceful than at other times. In these periods, occasionally, a couple of young 'employees' can be seen. These two were spotted in the METIS office by 'Picture-of-the-day' editor Jan Noordam, with whom the same day they had a 'business' lunch.

These young workers turn out to be Dusan and Uros Bettonvil. Once in a while they may join their father at work and see what he actually does. Dusan and Uros are real techno-kids, and apart from being interested in papa's activities, they also participate once a year in a scientific conference. In addition, they had the good fortune to grow up at 'our' telescopes on La Palma. Often they can be seen at the University observatory Sonnenborgh in Utrecht, where they guide other kids through the museum.

Young pre-scientists as they are, they have the luck that also at school they get ample education on science and technology. It clearly forms a basis for a new generation of scientists and ingenieurs.

Surely for the Dutch astronomy as well.
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