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MICADO Consortium Meeting at NOVA-ASTRON

Submitter: Ramon Navarro
Description: The ESO European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) has been approved for construction with a targeted first light in 2024. MICADO is selected as a first light instruments for the E-ELT, and in October 2015 the MICADO consortium signed an agreement with ESO for the development of this instrument.

MICADO is the Multi-Adaptive Optics Imaging Camera for Deep Observations. It will be the first dedicated imaging camera for the E-ELT and takes the Adaptive Optics technique to the next level, working with the multi-conjugate adaptive optics module, MAORY. The design of MICADO is driven by a desire for high sensitivity and resolution, astrometric accuracy, and wide wavelength coverage spectroscopy. The project is in the preliminary design phase.

A MICADO Consortium Meeting is organised 12 and 13 July 2016 at NOVA-ASTRON in Dwingeloo. The meeting is preceded by a Data Flow Software meeting on Monday 11 July. The consortium meeting consists of plenary meetings, splinter meetings and many discussions on requirements, interfaces, design options and performance predictions. In addition there is a delicious BBQ on the sunny ASTRON roof terrace. This social event is important to get to known all our colleagues from 11 different institutes all over Europe, who are developing MICADO together.
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