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Traditional MIDPREP summer pancake dinner

Submitter: Arnold van Ardenne
Description: One might wonder why the MIDPREP Pancake Party was held inside rather than in the bright Dutch summer light. This was because, starting with last year's event, the pancake dinner is traditionally held inside, in weak, watery, winterish light. Admittedly the thunderish weather outside just happily collaborated!

It is good to see such a broad exchange of able and motivated (young) researchers at ASTRON, with visitors from Rhodes University (RU, Grahamstown) and Stellenbosch University (SU, both in South Africa (ZA). The RU and SU people were from the groups of Prof Oleg Smirnov and Prof David Davidson respectively, both valuable associates of ASTRON.

As the MIDPREP program(*) will formally end in September, this may also be a historical picture, although a no-cost extension till the end of this year has been applied for. Let us then hope that MIDPREP contributed to motivate, and contribute to careers in radio astronomy and life-long experiences in support of that!

The picture shows from left to right:
  • Tammo Jan Dijkema (ASTRON)
  • Lerato Sebokolodi (RU)
  • Theophilus Narh (RU)
  • Ulrich Armel (RU)
  • Arnold van Ardenne (ASTRON)
  • Truus van den Brink (ASTRON)
  • David Prinsloo (ASTRON)
  • Jan-Willem Steeb (SU)
  • Nelis Wilke (SU)
  • Marcellin Atemkeng (RU)
  • Kshitij Thorat (RU)
  • Zsolt Paragi (JIVE)

    (*) MIDPREP is an FP7 (EU) program that is part of the preparations for mid-frequency aperture arrays (MFAA) for SKA.
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