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Long-baseline images of a Survey field from the Long-Baseline Busy Week

Submitter: Neal Jackson
Description: The LOFAR long baselines are capable of making maps at 0.3 arcsecond resolution, with sub-mJy sensitivity. The data processing is a formidable challenge, however, especially in the large datasets of the Surveys KSP.

A Long Baseline Working Group busy week was held at ASTRON in June in order to demonstrate source mapping in a Survey field region (centred at 1350+55 and with 16ch/subband and 1-s integrations). We used calibrators from the LOBOS (LBCS) survey to start the mapping off, and then transferred delay and phase solutions around the field, which is a few degrees across, forming the tied core station at each source and combining with the international stations to make maps.

The central picture is an overview of the field, derived by fringe-rate mapping on a baseline from the combined core to Juelich (DE605). The surrounding pictures are maps of sources in the field, with long-baseline (0.3-0.4 arcsec) resolution. These have been made so far with 12 subbands.
Copyright: Neal Jackson, Adam Deller, for the Long Baseline Working Group Busy Week team.
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