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Giethoorn invasion by ASTRON/JIVE astronomers.

Submitter: Floor Broekgaarden
Description: It is well-known that astronomers usually avoid crowded places, and hide behind their computers to stare at images and codes, or hide in labs to test for instance the new APERTIF.

However, on Sunday 31th of July, a group of 15 ASTRON/JIVE astronomers gathered in Giethoorn to enjoy a day in the "Venice of the North", which is also known as one of the most touristic places of the Netherlands. Although intending just a relaxing day out, they showed again that astronomers are hardworking and dedicated people by punting and kayaking through Giethoorn instead of hiring motorized boats. The weather even allowed some brave JIVE astronomers to venture a swim!

In the collage you can spot the following people:
  • Jeanette Bast
  • Jay Blanchard
  • Roy Smits
  • Antonia Rowlinson
  • Yuping Huang
  • Anjali Piette
  • Liying Wei
  • Akoto-danso Alexander
  • Richard Fallows
  • David Prinsloo
  • Benito Marcote
  • Lerato Sebokolodi
  • Ross Burns
  • Xiaoxi Song
  • Floor Broekgaarden.
  • Copyright: Benito Marcote , Liying Wei
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