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SKA SDP: Face-to-Face meeting on Malta

Submitter: Yan Grange
Description: During the first week of July, the members of the SKA Science Data Processor (SDP) consortium met on Malta for a week to discuss progress and to look forward and plan the work leading up to the Critical Design Review in early 2018.

The great environment (which is shown in several of the pictures above) and the illness of a significant fraction of the participants didn't prevent this meeting from being fruitful. This was, to a great extent, due to the focus on small-group discussions instead of plenary presentation sessions.

The bottom picture shows the meeting participants. The three top pictures depict (from left to right) the social interaction between several project partners, the skyline of Valetta (the city hosting this event) and an ASTRON employee inspired by the statue of the founder of the city.
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