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Wadlopen Day: stay clean, or not.

Submitter: Benito Marcote
Description: The annual ASTRON/JIVE summer student Wadlopen(*) event took place on August 12.

This time we could not get to the island of Ameland due to recent bad weather. But the cloudy day with occasional light rain did not preclude a perfect outing for the intrepid radio astronomers that followed Commander Bob on a circular path through mud, sand, and sea water.

The students could make new friends during the wadlopen, meeting crabs, oysters, or shrimps. Although not all of them survived to their stomachs...

(*) The shallow sea between the north shore of the continental Netherlands and its distinctive string of protective islands is called the Wadden sea. Crossing it at low tide, squelching over the bottom of the sea, is a must-do experience.
Copyright: ASTRON/JIVE. Photo from Minnie Mao
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