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Speeding things up with 3D printing

Submitter: vandenBrink / Kuindersma / Morawietz
Description: The mechanical workshop of ASTRON is known for quick and effective solutions. Sometimes we encounter a small issue which needs a simple solution in order not to delay the process too much, and to continue as fast as possible.

For such occasions, the 3D printer is ideal. In the short period that it has been in use at the workshop, many products have been produced with success.

The picture shows the most recent product, which is meant for APERTIF. During installation Juergen Morawietz noticed that the connection of the PPS was very vulnerable. Due to good interaction, Sjouke Kuindersma managed to design a small product to tackle the problem in a very short time.

The flexibility of the production method allowed us to produce a prototype in a few minutes. Some adjustments in the design were quickly made, after which multiple final objects were produced in one batch and installed in the system.

Currently we are looking into the possibility of offering a 3D printer for general use, accessible to all colleagues, and supported by the mechanical workshop. This should allow everybody to reap the benefits of the flexibility and short-time-to-production of 3D printing.
Copyright: R.H. van den Brink
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