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BALTICS DSP course week in Latvia

Submitter: Roel Witvers
Description: BALTICS is an educational program funded by the European Unio. It is meant to share our expertise with the staff of Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Center (VIRAC) in Latvia, so that they will be able to join our scientific endeavours. ASTRON is one of the two partners involved in this project, together with University of Manchester (UMAN).

Last September the "BALTICS Phased Array Digital Signal Processing I" school started in Ventspils. It was the first of two weeks in which the basics of digital signal processing were revisited, and specific subjects on processing data from phased array systems.

The two-week DSP course is titled: Signal Processing - an intensive course. In this first week, the full scope of basic topics on digital signal processing was treated. This was to get the participants to the level needed for the second week, which will take place at the end of 2017.

The picture shows ASTRON's Ronald de Wild presenting a full week of lectures packed with theory.
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