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Dwingeloo Radio Telescope on popular science TV-show Galileo

Submitter: Michel Arts
Description: On August 2nd the crew of the popular science TV-show Galileo visited the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope. Presenter Shelly Sterk, a camera man and a sound technician came to Dwingeloo to make shots of the radio telescope and to reveal the capabilities of it by interviewing two CAMRAS-volunteers.

Jan van Muijlwijk (PA3FXB) explained moon-bouncing (i.e. using the moon as a reflector for radio waves) by receiving photo's sent by a Swiss radio amateur, including a picture of Shelly. Harry Keizer (PE1CHQ) explained about SETI and pulsars.

On November 17th the item was broadcast on RTL5. You can still watch it on YouTube:


From left to right: Jan van Muijlwijk, presenter Shelly Sterk, the camera man and Harry Keizer.
Copyright: Erik Tiddens (CAMRAS)
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