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The Precise Localization and Host of Fast Radio Burst FRB121102: A Triptych

Submitter: Adams, Bassa, Hessels, van Langevelde, Maddox, Marcote & Paragi
Description: At a AAS press conference in Grapevine, Texas on January 4th, we presented 3 papers that for the first time achieve the precise localization of a Fast Radio Burst, and unambiguously identify its host galaxy. Together, these papers show that FRB121102 is located in a dwarf galaxy at a distance of over 3 billion light years, and the EVN-derived position is so precise that we can even locate the source within its host galaxy and physically associate it with a persistent radio source.

To support the public dissemination of these results, we commissioned Danielle Futselaar to create an artist's conception for each paper. Together, these three works form a lovely scientific and artistic "triptych" (a set of three associated artistic, literary, or musical works intended to be appreciated together).

Chatterjee, Law, Wharton et al., Nature: The dishes of the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array are seen making the first-ever precision localization of a Fast Radio Burst, and thereby pointing the way to the host galaxy of FRB121102.

Tendulkar, Bassa, Cordes et al., ApJL: The 8-m Gemini telescope on Mauna Kea is seen measuring the redshift of the host galaxy from where the FRB121102 bursts originate, showing that the bursts are traveling 3 billion light years to reach Earth.

Marcote, Paragi, Hessels et al., ApJL: The globally distributed dishes of the European VLBI Network are linked with each other and the 305-m William E. Gordon Telescope at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. Together they have localized FRB121102's exact position within it's host galaxy.
Copyright: ASTRON/JIVE/Danielle Futselaar (www.artsource.nl)
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