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Submitter: Maria Arias
Description: The First Galactic Plane Imaging Busy Week is being held this week at the Muller room at ASTRON. The aim is to work on an imaging strategy for galactic-plane fields, which are often crowded, and present diffuse extended emission on large scales.

Our first goal will be to achieve a robust calibration strategy for Galactic-plane fields. The combination of short and long baselines for LOFAR will allow for excellent imaging of the complex interplay between HII regions, supernovae and their surroundings thus providing a fantastic low-frequency view on our Galaxy.

We will be working on HBA and LBA fields. For those interested, feel free to drop by at the Muller room.
Copyright: M Haverkorn, G. White, L. Driessen, R. Oonk, M. Arias
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