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Maser jets in a massive star forming region

Submitter: Ross A. Burns
Description: Continuum image from Palau et al., 2011, ApJ, 743, L32 showing the millimeter cores in the massive star forming region AFGL 5142, where molecular outflows from the literature are indicated with long arrows. Overlain are the positions and proper motions of water masers which associate with protostellar jets in this region. Vector colours indicate the line of sight velocity, while vector lengths indicate proper motions (typically around 15 km/s).

We used our VLBI maser data to measure the trigonometric distance to AFGL 5142, which was D = 2.14 +- 0.05 kpc, and reveal the presence of young jet-driven bowshocks emanating from the millimeter cores and aligned with the molecular outflows. These results were recently accepted for publication in MNRAS
Copyright: RossBurns
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