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Unboxing a Mysterious Parcel from the UK

Submitter: Paula Fusiara
Description: In the Mechanical Group we not only design and manufacture instrumentation hardware, but we do research as well. Currently we are busy investigating the possibilities of 3D printing as a prototyping method for 3D-MID technology. One of the very important steps is characterization of the various filaments available on the market.

As a part of her internship research at ASTRON within the mechanical engineering group, Emma Baan nicely managed to obtain an abundance of sample filaments from many suppliers. However, one of the suppliers stunned us to such a degree that we would like to thank them a lot for such an awesome customer support!

Although the supplier did not confirm that they would send the samples, one day Emma did receive a mysterious parcel from the UK.

You can imagine the feeling when you get something that you do not know what to expect ... Emma hesitantly tore the grey foil open, and a smile appeared on our faces because we saw the awesome-looking package from Rigid.Ink, the filament supplier. The smiles broadened even more when we read the description on the bag. But the content of the kit together with the READ ME note amazed us completely.

Emma received a set of different filament materials together with informative description on the manufacturing conditions under which the filaments should be used; not to forget a small bag of well-known jelly sweets! All of this thanks to the highly trained support ninjas from Rigid.Ink and Ed, the most entertaining Office Astronaut we have ever had contact with!

We give them big thumbs up and a huge thank you for such a nice customer support!

Joyful greetings from both of us, the Mechanical Ninja Paula and Mechanical Ninja-in-Training Emma!
Copyright: Paula Fusiara, Emma Baan
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